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A New Chapter For Tucson Pride Royalty

Tucson Pride is excited to announce a new format for the contestants of Tucson Pride Royalty. We, here at Tucson Pride, are committed to unifying, celebrating, and strengthening the LGBTQ+ community of Southern Arizona through advocacy, education, leadership, and support. The new format seeks to revisit our roots and is based solely upon fundraising, with no pageantry involved. In recognition of years gone by and the importance of grassroots fundraising, we’ve decided that this is the best avenue to involve the entire community. The Tucson Pride Royalty contest is open to all ages and gender expressions. All that is required to compete is a two person team with a touch of imagination. The team that raises the most money will be crowned Tucson Pride Royalty for the duration of each program year.


1) A team must consist of two people; all gender identities and ages welcome.

2) Each team will be assigned a color as their team name to represent.

3) Each team will be assigned a Board liaison for questions and coordinating monies at events. Board MUST be present at fundraising events. a. Monies will be counted with each team and assigned board liaison. Teams will be provided with a receipt of total funds raised, per event.

4) Each team can hold as many fundraisers as they wish between their registration and the cut-off date.

5) The team raising the most money for Tucson Pride will be crowned as the Tucson Pride Royalty.

6) All money raised goes directly to Tucson Pride.

7) All monies must be raised through legal means.

8) Registration cut off is one week prior to the Tucson Pride Festival.

9) A coronation event will be held during the week leading up to the Tucson Pride Festival.

10) All participating teams are invited to participate in the Tucson Pride Parade. a. The winning team will be provided a convertible in the parade.

11) The winning team will also be announced at the festival & perform (if they choose to).

12) Tucson Pride will announce totals for each team at the time of the coronation event.

13) The winning team will each receive a crown and sash. 14) The winning team will receive 5% of the overall funds raised made as a donation to a charity of their choosing. Charity must be a 501(c)3 exempt entity. Contributions to Political Campaigns or Organizations engaged in lobbying activity as defined by Internal Revenue Code are prohibited.

15) DISCLAIMER: Fundraising teams are responsible for their own events and efforts in their entirety and Tucson Pride cannot be held liable.


More information and the registration application can be found at: